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Apple Care Applecare Protection Plan App For Mac

You can buy coverage on a fixed-term plan or on an annual plan that will automatically renew until cancelled. Pricing below is for the latest Mac systems. For more details on the latest Mac systems, see

Apple Care Applecare Protection Plan App For Mac

You can also go to to find out if your device is covered. Sign in with your Apple ID, then choose your device. Learn what to do if the information is incorrect or you don't see your AppleCare plan.

An Apple Care protection plan offers a lot of benefits in terms of caring for your beloved investment. It allows you to be more at ease when caring for and maintaining your iPhone, MacBook, and other products from the tech firm Apple. This article covers the information you need to know before getting that Apple protection plan from eBay.

When getting your Apple device, the Apple protection plan extends the years you spend time with your iPhone or MacBook. This coverage essentially makes it easier for you to seek technical support and repair. It is useful when your device is experiencing issues or you are just simply confused on how your device works. The AppleCare coverage includes the following benefits:

AppleCare was made to make maintaining your Apple devices easy. The Apple Care protection plan for iMacs was the first reiteration of this extended warranty offering from the tech giant. With the introduction of the iPod, the iPhone, and later the iPad, it was expanded to include AppleCare for iPhone and others. Based on the Apple website, the following devices can be paired with this Apple protection plan:

Do you have AppleCare? Are you not sure if you have an AppleCare plan. You can easily check this by going to the website and enter your serial number (see below on how to find your serial number).

i recently learnt that, the applecare follows the device and does not necessarily need you to transfer ownership.ButThe provide the option to transfer ownership because the original owner can cancel the applecare protection anytime and get a prorated refund of the full amount.

Although accessories like shockproof phone cases and screen protectors can go a long way in protecting your new phone, they are by no means failproof. Fortunately for all you accident-prone Apple fans out there, consider yourselves #blessed because you have access to the best manufacturer-provided device protection plan available: AppleCare+. But, which AppleCare plan is best for you? Keep reading to find out.

Since the Apple TV is less expensive than other devices, its payment plan is a bit different. You can pay the entire amount upfront, or spread it over six months. Either way, you'll enjoy protection for three years.

All forms of AirPods (plus Beats sold by Apple) are eligible for AppleCare+ protection. The plan lasts for two years and covers the device, battery, and charging cables. Service repairs cost $29 per visit.

The AppleCare agreement number is available with your Apple care plan. If your purchase the AppleCare coverage with your new Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, apple automatically registers the AppleCare plan for you.

AppleCare+ plans vary greatly depending on the type of product and the country in which the consumer initially purchased it. For example, the price and protection for a pair of Apple or Beats headphones will be different than a Mac computer. In addition, consumer protection laws afford various protections to customers based on country, state and region, so AppleCare+ protections will also change. The company offers two main tiers: AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. The names are largely self-explanatory, as the traditional AppleCare+ plan covers two instances of accidental damage per year. The Theft and Loss plan also adds coverage if a device is lost or stolen.

AppleCare is transferable! If you're selling an Apple product before the included AppleCare plan expires, the buyer gets the remaining protection. If you buy an extended AppleCare+ plan and then sell the product, the remaining time left in the AppleCare+ goes along with it. So AppleCare+ can be a selling point when you're unloading your used devices on the secondary market!

The first thing to know is that if you paid for your AppleCare+ plan upfront and in full, you'll need to contact Apple Support directly to cancel the protection plan rather than doing in through your iPhone's Settings app as shown below. If you made a full purchase like this recently (less than 30 days ago), you'll be able to get a full AppleCare refund for the cost of the plan, minus the cost of any services that have already been provided under it, that is. Even if it's been more than 30 days, you can still get a partial AppleCare+ refund.

Canceling your monthly AppleCare Plus subscription is pretty simple to do on your iPhone, but it may not be obvious where to find the menus to do so. There are two ways to access these options, and we'll walk you through one of them. For more information on Apple protection plans, check out our in-depth breakdown article, and for more helpful tips on managing your Apple subscriptions and devices, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.


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